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Pamukkale, Denizli, which lasted about 6 hours in a very pleasant and comfortable, air-conditioned buses arrived in Cappadocia. Cave House Hotel is located in Urgup arrived here with the place and transfer to the hotel. Cave hotel trabzon tours is very warm in winter and cool in summer with a wide variety of natural ventilation system and a different experience and has an air of gorgeous authentic. Here are all one hundred percent natural narural Turkish appetizers were very tasty breakfast in the morning and I had done, and most of honey cream butter and olive is a buffet breakfast in the morning made ​​unlimited. Honeymoon room had repared for us and I had a very nice honeymoon basket a large number of sweet chocolate and nuts had a nice champagne and above the bed of rose petals everywhere çiçekleti equipped with roses. early in the morning Goreme Open air museum we went to meet our guide.

We met with our guide told us that the formation of this natural wonder, and this is before us and the very hot lava mountain Hasan here at least a thousand years, the nature of time This formation consists of wonders, beauty, cool wind bursa tours and rain, this formation has a huge impact. Goreme is preserved as a museum, an area where many There cave, and people lived here in this war, especially the war gave the Roman Emperor banned Christianity and wherein the state for the spread of Christianity
has a very big fight, and also used as a church, and on the walls of many cave paintings of Jesus is very nice, very nice figures and pictures virgin mary Here, then drew and develop these lands, especially Christianity spread to Europe. Oise cave used to be home to some of the people and the livings were continued here. That time, numerous kitchen utensils and is stabbed with water bearer.

Ephesus is an ancient city built during the Roman empire. Rich hillside homes are inhabited by people of Ephesus. A beautiful palace of the king and the municipal building is located. 600 meters long, made of marble and the edirne tours king has no way extends to the coast. King attended the celebrations of the people on the road, are held entertainment. King on the way there are many statues and columns of marble   Artist scientists are very valuable in the city of Ephesus sculptors and architects lived and did so to the best works of Ephesus. Ephesus is very beautiful stone temple main gate had been made. Love house of many rooms have occurred and there was a natural ventilation system. Haer statue of the king on both sides of the fountain, which is Trojan. Ephesus that they use a combination of people have outdoor toilet.
Libray has occurred Celcus in Ephesus, which is a magnificent architectural work of art. Celcus libray 4 on the front is made of marble statues are very nice. Celcus libray Arabic Greek manuscripts are in Latin. Two-storey building from the outside you might actually get more light is made of a single storey. A port city of Ephesus and the Far East and the Arab peninsula ship with caravans from all over Europe then go to italy before. Ephesus is made of very special concerts and performances open air theater is made. Outside the ancient city of Ephesus made a huge bronze statue of virgin mary has. Virgin mary nightingale antalya tours house in a wooded area at the top are. By the pope in 1980 has been considered as a place of pilgrimage. Virgin Mary most holy house a peaceful place. Virgin mary cross-shaped house is a charming little place.

In the works of the Ottoman Empire, Topkapi palace and the palace is very nice and second floors of the buildings in the harem of the Sultan called his family lived. Very pretty awesome There are treasures here, here, and a lot of the world's largest diamonds, rubies and articles made ​​of gold. Daa Dolmabahce palace built after the european architecture in which the private vip bosphorus palace. Blue colors of the tiles as a mosque blue mosque in Sultanahmet is very spacious and had a large courtyard. Sultan Süleyman the largest mosque in Istanbul was built by Mimar Sinan a place which is dominated by istanbul dinner cruise red color. Finally, istanbul 'spice bazaar, and here we went out of the Silk Road Jheri all kinds of spices and goods coming from and sold egypt'ten place. today in the spices and sweet things that you can get a very tasty delight.

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